Laurel Woods' complex Medical Services are delivered by specially trained professionals in a comfortable, therapeutic environment designed to promote patient recovery.


At Laurel Woods, we are dedicated to providing intensive rehabilitation therapy and specialized medical services to New Haven County and Shoreline Communities. Hawthorn Terrace, our forty-bed rehabilitation/subacute care unit, is part of a 120-bed 62,000 square foot care complex. Here you'll take advantage of the most technologically advanced resources available in therapy facilities and equipment. We have all the ingredients to create a totally integrated rehabilitation program specifically designed to promote your progress towards independence. Recognized as an innovative leader in rehabilitation and subacute services, Laurel Woods has built a strong reputation through our unusually high client success rate. The average length of stay for a short term rehabilitation clients varies on their diagnosis. Nearly 100% of our rehabilitation patients are discharged to their homes, or progress to a more independent level of care.



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